Explore your dreams.


Do you remember?

Do you remember what you dreamed of two weeks ago? There is little chance… We all dream regularly, but most people forget 90% of their dreams within a few minutes after waking up. Yet, dreams are the emanation of our subconscious, and they exist for a reason — everything in nature has a purpose. Scientific studies have shown that there are clear benefits to writing and analysing our dreams.


Dreams are an endless source of inspiration and ideas. Paul McCartney composed the hit « Yesterday » in a dream. Albert Einstein discovered the theory of relativity in a dream. You also undoubtedly have something to learn from your dreams.


During the night, your subconscious reveals itself. Analysing your dreams is like listening to your inner self speaking. Sigmund Freud said : « The interpretation of dreams is the royal road to a knowledge of the unconscious activities of the mind ».


Knowing your inner self and your true emotions leads to a better emotional state and mood in general. This allows you to be more stable and more confident when dealing with everyday life.

Lucid Dreams

Writing down your dreams is the first step on the path to lucid dreams, the dreams that you can control, in which you are conscious. Wanna explore the moon? Meet someone from the past? Enjoy the pleasures of life? You can do whatever you want in this world.

The app of your dreams

Capture is the app for your dreams. From keeping a dream journal to achieving lucidity, Capture will provide you with tools and advices for exploring and interpreting your dreams. Capture is available for iPhone and iPad, in English and French.

Create your dream journal

Remember your dreams, write them down and create your unique dream journal.

Write down

Write down your dreams, their stories, and add useful informations for analysis.


Interpret the content of your dreams, analyse the details, and learn about your mood and your inner thoughts.


Analyse your dreams, the emotions you felt inside, and see the evolution of your mood.

Become Lucid

Use our tools to increase your chances of having lucid dreams.


Play background musics to guide your dreams and explore new dream worlds.

Welcome to your dreams

Welcome to the world of your dreams, where there’s no limit. Embark on a journey to lucidity, with hundreds of stories along the way, in which you are both the playwright and the spectator.